EZ Escondido Junk Removal
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EZ Escondido Junk Removal
We can remove anything you don’t need, including but not limited to: furniture, appliances, yard waste, and construction waste. We do all the loading and clean too! We haul all types of debris excluding asbestos and hazardous materials. We also specialize in demolition of everything from pools, to houses, to concrete patios, sidewalks, driveways in Escondido.

We Clean Out Section 8 Housing

Many people rent their properties out to Section 8 tenants. While some of these tenants take care of these properties, others will oftentimes trash team, leaving the mess for the property owner. Of course, it is a big disappointment to discover your property damaged and trashed, but remember we are on the standby to assist in every way possible.

We are fully equipped to handle trash, yard debris, equipment, playground equipment and non-working automobiles. We just need to a few days to prepare for the undertaking, which is only normal since we are a very busy removal company. Once prepared, our removal team will be ready to take on your junk.
We Offer Numerous Benefits

Our company aims to provide our clients with a great experience and immense value. We do this by remaining true to our quality standards. If we deliver a bad performance, we want to know about it so we can fix the problem. Some of the reasons you should select us as your service provider will be listed below.

We believe that our services are well worth the price.
Our prices might not be the cheapest in the area, but they’re reasonable and competitive.
We’ll remove all types of junk and debris for you!
We’re insured to guarantee that you’re going to be protected to the fullest.
With our free quotes, you’ll know what you’re going to pay in advance.
We can provide you with numerous references.
We’re transparent in everything that we do.
Our immaculate history speaks for itself.

Let’s Do It

Are you ready to get the ball rolling today? If so, you should know what to do. Just get in touch with our local customer representative to schedule an appointment. We’re always a phone call away and we’ll deal with your issue quicker than anyone else.

EZ Escondido Junk Removal

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