All POE players in the world are looking forward to playing Heist as soon as possible

on 2020/09/21 04:00
GGG now release POE Heist on PC. PC players can start their own robbery journey, but players on other platforms are still waiting for GGG to release the latest league on their respective platforms. So all they can do now is to continue to accumulate POE Currency to prepare for the new league so they can start playing as soon as they enter the game. The highly expected Heist expansion of POE on PC includes a new alliance, nine new skills, auxiliary gems and modifications to curses, steel skills and spells. For standalone clients, they expect the size of the patch to be approximately 4.6GB, but there are torrent files available for download. When the extension was first released, they set the POE server to be offline for three hours for maintenance, so please check the time in the following areas carefully. POE Heist’s expansion plan was released last Friday. The gameplay of the game is roughly that players need to go to the rogue port after entering the game to form a team of well-balanced thieves according to their economic level and actual needs and sign a contract with each of them. The lineup combination requires not only thieves who can open the lock but also thieves who can help players escape quickly after a successful robbery and thieves who gather intelligence. Only thieves with multi-skilled players have a greater chance of successful robbery. Second, they also need to prepare some items that can increase the probability of successful robbery, such as those that can help players become invisible. Before the start of the operation, they also need to develop a detailed action plan and risk plan. During the operation, they must not trigger an alarm to prevent guards from arresting them. Once they are caught, all the stolen treasures gone. For this they’d better Buy POE Currency and POE Items. Go POE warriors!