Because of the play buy PSO2 Meseta

on 2020/07/07 03:08
Because of the play fashion, Summoners only get 1 weapon: Harmonizers. It's a baton-like weapon somewhat like a conductor's wand. Summoners use Pets to be commanded by this, however they do have a use. Like previously, the subclass for a Fighter is Hunter. Hunter stances boost the damage of a Fighter and the general tankiness of the Hunter lets a Fighter live longer when risking it all for all those damage amounts that are big. Fi/Hu is the best construct, if you want to get the most from your character. For something off-brand, Gunner as a sub-class can try. It seems odd to take a ranged sub-class, but it's some abilities which can help with PP recovery, airborne attacks, and grant the capacity. Fighter is another common sub-class as it can cause damage versatile all in one with its stances and supplies any class a damage increase. The two greatest alternatives for Ranger are Fighter or Hunter. Since it provides Rangers needed durability whilst firing shots hunter is the easier path. Fighter will turn your Ranger. With Fighter's damage skills, you can take down just about anything, but anything may take you down if you are not careful. Try pairing it with Summoner to gain Techs if you want something more imaginative or synergize your ranged abilities with Braver. Braver acts as a weaker variant of Fighter, but you won't be taken. As a sub-class, Rangers do not offer much to play since that is what their skills concentrate on, styles that aren't ranged. Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta -