I am not asking for buy Madden 20 coins

on 2020/06/29 04:45
Each week, I am not asking for buy Madden 20 coins a promo. I'm requesting enjoying Madden nfl to be rewarding. Id have objects. They may be focusing on madden 21 but we all purchased Madden nfl and set time and effort into enjoying, so they ought to be refreshing the material up until 21 comes out. I didn't understand we were gont move directly back to"It's been almost a week since content, I am sour." But here we are.Its not being salty, its wanting to grind for something. I enjoyed the draft voucher like most failed but there are strategies to maintain the player base happy with small tweaks to Madden nfl. We don't require a large promo every week however we do want something to remain engaged. Ea does not care about gameplay or content they care about is that cash flowing in such as the Mississippi River. Fuck EA straight trash have not turned Madden nfl on since Easter promo. I'm not giving them my hard earned money when they can't even make a game right. Yea this is the first year of MUT which I have played this long (mostly the whole year). It is sad seeing how dull Madden nfl apparently gets this period of the year. GTs are out of my range of possibilities so last few weeks has mostly just me hoping the three UL at the conclusion of the week are gamers I really want.I heard Positional Heroes is coming shortly. Is that generally a fantastic promo? buy Madden 20 coins