Serums that are designed to coat strands

on 2020/05/06 09:24
Human hair extensions have grown popular over the years. These extensions are different from wigs that completely cover a person's head. Instead, they are designed to blend into existing tresses in a natural appearing manner. Some wearers choose them to create a thicker mane while others want to wear their hair long without waiting around for their short hairdo to grow out. Some individuals decide to weave highlights or lowlights into their natural colored crown of hair rather than dye locks of it. If a person is interested in trying these products, here are some things he or she might want to think about:Care and maintenance: While these hairdo devices require much the same level of care that natural tresses need to have, they also require a bit more TLC. Because they are an investment of time and money, wearers will want to take a few extra precautions. Brushing: Instead of brushing in a rough manner, individuals will need to be gentler or the extensions may become damaged or dislodged.Moisturize: Strands that sprout from a person's head are exposed to oil from the scalp that the hairs are emerging from; this isn't the case with the clip-on locks. They should be washed with moisturizing shampoos and conditioned afterward.Trim split ends: Just like your own strands, these devices will develop split ends. Every few weeks, they will need to be trimmed slightly to keep them looking great. Because they won't grow back like your own mane, it's important that the stylist knows to perform minimal snips. The "oh well, it'll grow back" philosophy simply won't cut it here.Protective serums: Serums that are designed to coat strands, as protection against heat, UV rays and more should be used before blow-drying. It will also be helpful to use before curling or straightening with a styling iron.More wigs content can be found on the web: