I feel as a solution is equally in a nerf RuneScape

on 2020/05/06 02:20
Add some kind of goal switch timer that prioritises special objectives so by way of example if 1 pker strikes 5 pvmers they could overpower him, however if another 3 pkers join in they could every single off cheap RuneScape gold one of those pvmers to save the original pker out of being dogpiled. Switch it. Obviously the pkers continue to be at an advantage as they brought pvp centric equipment and have full inventories, and it is a fantastic thing as naturally pkers should still have some predatory advantage. This notion very likely needs a lot of work and maybe some other modifications to the wilderness but I think big changes such as this are required to create the wilderness an actual healthy place. It understandable Jagex doesn't care. Exploits like this are driving the price of bonds to record highs, causing the immediate payment of membership to become a more favorable solution for casual players. The"fail" appears to be intentional. Bonds and membership are the only way Jagex can monetize through OSRS. Without a incentive to pull out a charge card, Runescape will likely disappear sooner than expected. Every bond that is bought comes from someone that paid real life cash for it so it's not like it is coming from thin air. However, I agree. Firstly I would like to state I have never done much pvp in runescape in the last couple of decades, which mostly has to do with the steep learning curve surrounding pvp, and also the time required to build a seperate pvp account. I am still intested as I watch pvp video's. Many individuals here claim the issue is people abusing the system, but is it? Boosters only increase because there is so much to gain from doing so free of risk. I feel as a solution is equally in a nerf, the gp each hour bonus from that point process is just to large, and in adding a risk vs reward incentive. This risk vs reward system's execution is to make points transferable upon death vs another player. Points should lead to better rewards the further you safe them up, but this means you've got more to lose if you were to die. For instance you can trade in 20 points for 600k and 100 points or 5 points for either 100k for 5mil. Make it so that if you were to just spend things since you possibly get them reward you about 600k an hour if you were to pile things and choose the highest tier rewards you would get about tipple this, or anything else is on par with high end pvm. The risk vs reward difficulty is not merely a pvp thing tho, it's also an issue in pvm (bossing) as if the passing mechanics. Having 30 minutes to rs 3 gold retrieve your gear means you get it back there's no risk in pvm.