The bouncer was tasked with acbells

on 2020/05/05 10:03
The bouncer was tasked with picking up whatever people given in tips. The goal was efficacy, which is key when you've got a lot of strangers. "I was not particularly afraid of being'scammed' because in the end, I don't eliminate anything from those selling their turnips in my shop and not giving a donation," ottermochi clarifies, including that,"but my idea began when I wanted to begin sharing my costs because my store is kind of in an awkward location, therefore I wanted to fence off a route toward the shop so people can quickly move in and out" Even the bouncers are ottermochi's pals, but she was not expecting her friends to turn up in an security outfit if the New Horizons participant talked them into it. This was a bonus which match the theme perfectly. "Another friend of ours just suffered a huge turnip loss the previous afternoon," ottermochi says,"so we decided to invite her too and guaranteed her an equal cut of the profits so she could break even again, so we obtained another security." Initially it started out as just a"cute" and"humorous" concept to test out, but the thought got enough praise that she's happy she went through with it. "I ended up loving the scenario itself over receiving presents from vendors," ottermochi states. How to Eliminate From Your Town Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells