Quests in OSRS are so comfortable man

on 2020/05/03 02:33
I've never seen him as mad as he was during tune of the elves. Holy shit that he was reverting back to his native language. The moment I went and got quest points I was met with two master level quests. It took me a couple of months to discover the motivation to perform equally Song of the Elves and The Fremmenik Exiles.I gotta do exiles but I hurried most of the huge quest lines just to get them out of the way and never to worry nearly as much about pursuit requirements for any content. Setting aside a significant chunk of your day to do mm2 or sote fucking stinks but when you complete it compairs to the feeling of relief and the capacity to call everybody that has not went through this hell a noob. You know the first time that I did Underground I hated everything about it. Later occasions I did it again I realized that it wasn't really poor, overall a fairly"cozy" quest-line. Elf quests are a few of my favorite tied together with the narrative that is Myreque-Morytania. I have yet to find an mmorpg. Quests in OSRS are so comfortable man. It's travelling and meeting but for a although there's clearly stuff involved npcs with a few light hearted funny shit. When I first started back in 2002 I used to despise quests but it has turned into one of my favorite things to do if I jump back on. OSRS gold buy cheap