He was an unremarkable All-Star in his season of 2019-20 NBA

on 2023/02/27 05:42
Westbrook was awarded a "mere" 78 general player rating, one notch less than the 79 recorded by his former teammate (and Westbrook's most likely replacement the team's starting point guard) Patrick Beverley. Cassidy Hubbarth called the move "petty," which leads one to ask whether Cassidy Hubbarth see the damage a healthy Russell Westbrook did to the Lakers on the floor in the last season? Barnes, a 15-year professional who played two seasons with the Pau Gasol/Kobe Bryant Lakers reported that he had a 2K launch party recently and that Westbrook's score was the most discussed 2K23 factoid of the night. "I believe that even though Russ experienced an off-season last year, I think that his score is way too low," Barnes opined. I think Pat Bev is right there..."A score of number of 79 is a good ranking however, Russ's ranking is way too low." If the 79-year-old is solid, shouldn't 78 also be? Beverley is a solid defensive player as well as a skilled three-point shooter. Westbrook may be a better passer (at at least in the first 40 minutes of an game) as well as rebounder, stats that a videogame would be able to reward, but he's clearly not an "better" basketball player than Beverley at this point in their respective careers. "Russ even though you question your game and try to point out his shortcomings, I believe he's still performing," Ogwumike contended on the show. " The guy shows up, and he'll get you at least 20 pointsor so], maybe even 8 or more [assists]? rebounds? unclear]. "Of course, a large portion of that performance is directly as a result of Westbrook turning his back on or abusing players who are open and making the low percentage of heaves that are common in traffic. As the focal point of an offense this six-foot-3" UCLA product is now an unproductive detriment for his teammates' success. The decline of Westbrook happened fast. He was an unremarkable All-Star in his season of 2019-20 NBA seasons with JamesHarden's Houston Rockets. But even that model of Westbrook is no longer in use. His deficiencies outweigh his strengths. Yes, he still puts the numbers up (though even those figures are decreasing) But he's most likely to be utilized in the future to serve as an ignition source off the bench, facing off against the second unit of opponents and not as a starter. If you want to learn more about NBA 2K23 MT, please visit