See how you move the goalpost darker

on 2023/02/27 00:05
Extremely poor argument/comparison. If you paint the roller and it is slid off and you say to me "this roller is awful because it's not doing what it's supposed to" I'd be "cope harder" just to be able to see how foolish you are. See how you move the goalpost. Lmfao initially when you spoke of "Utility" you lumped together all utility spells , and said that it's useless. When I bring up the most useful utility spells of the game that you should be carrying with you throughout every the dungeon, I switch to "well what do you think of the other utility spells?" You are sure you're wrong and you continue to see as far as you will to justify your faulty point. There are only 5 utility spells in the game. And if you consider 3 are viable (Ignite Haste, Invisibility, and Ignite) it means that more than 50% of utility spells are a possibility. Did you know? there are six destructive spells that can be found in the game. Missiles, Fireball, Chain Lightning are the most feasible spells. That's 3 of 6.What is the reason for the circle? Dark And Darker There's no reason for the circle. It isn't logical. Place portals and then more than the required hell portals. If you don't have the blue one, then you are condemned to hell. Do not die to a circle which doesn't have to take your health. If they do leave the circle, then they will take away the dark mechanics consumed. I'm loving the game but it's as if they're trying to jam 3 types of games into one. If you want to learn more about Dark And Darker,please vist