It's my theory that game designers

on 2023/02/10 01:27
The athletes themselves have 2k23 mt even spoken out sometimes on their ratings to help further debate the issue. Durant was one of them earlier this week, and so did an old teammate of Klay Thompson. Both were not happy with their new scores to say the least. It's my theory that game designers do this intentionally. They release ratings that are controversial enough to stir things up without damaging the integrity of the game. Through this, they promote discussion about their new game with the hope that more people are drawn to it. In that sense, it seems like I'm doing exactly as the team at NBA 2K want right now. What else do you have to discuss? Regardless of the motives behind it, the NBA 2K team released its latest game with ratings for players this week--including everyone on Brooklyn's 2022-23 roster. It was expected that a few player ratings appeared a bit off, even in a way that was disrespectful. J. Cole already made history as the first rapper with the Official NBA 2K cover. Now, Dreamville artist Bas is sharing more details regarding the game's release date and his image will be employed as a character character.Bas posted pictures from NBA 2K23's newest interactivity of MyCAREER on Instagram on Thursday (September 1.) and spotlighted himself in a recording studio along with the main character of the mode and an engineer. In the slides that followed, he shared a close-up photo of himself in the game and also a pic of Cole."this for all my dawgs who had to tell their girlfriend 'just one more game,'" he captioned the post. "For the ones that withstood and moved away from the 'all you do is buy mt nba 2k23 play 2k' argument.