How to choose the carbon ribbon for printing RFID labels?

on 2022/11/22 10:47

The truth is, there is practically nothing particular about the ribbon for RFID tag manufacturing publishing. It is mainly selected according to the surface substance of the deal. We can see from the above shape the composite bundle surface area substance frequently used in RFID is often our typical brand materials, including layered paper, synthetic Papers, Family pet, PVC as well as other surface area components.

For papers, we advise printing with mixed ribbons initially. All things considered, RFID labels can be more expensive than common brands, and we must print out with better resilient carbon dioxide ribbons.

Needless to say, if there are greater demands, we are able to also select resin ribbons for stamping, but many resin ribbons will not be friendly to papers tags for example covered papers, and also the stamping result will not be perfect, therefore we can prefer to be relatively warm and friendly to pieces of paper resin ribbon. For other materials, we can pick resin co2 belts to print.


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