Exactly what are the groups of pod vape goods?

on 2022/10/31 08:46

1. How manydisposable e-cigarette of pod vape goods are there at present?

According to the framework and function of pods, pods might be split into 2 types: non reusable coffee pods and shut reloadable pods.

2. What are the characteristics of different kinds of pods?

Throw-away coffee pods: lowrechargeable and cannot be added to e-fruit juice. The body dimension is also relatively small, light and convenient to carry. There are at present a variety of flavored pods.

For cigarette smokers who happen to be exposed to e-cigarettes the first time, they will have a far better flavor expertise and attempt e-tobacco.

Refillable pods: The pods may be changed and billed, along with the types can gratify far more people who smoke to decide on their favorite pods, and may alter pods with different tastes whenever you want.


Features of Closed Throw-away Electric Cigarettes

Sealed and open e-cigarettes

Precisely why are disposable e-cigs so well liked?