What are the qualities of LED neon lighting

on 2022/10/26 09:49

1. Energy saving. The accommodating total-physique lighting strip will save more than 70Percent of the energy usage price.

2. Soft. Accommodating whole body gentle strip, led neon light tube,LED neon light may be curved as low as possible diameter of 8CM, and will be cut at any scissors.

3. Safety. Contrary to window neon lamps, which call for a great voltage of 15,000V for normal functioning, the versatile complete-system light-weight strip also can work normally with a very low voltage of 24V, additionally its jolt opposition and lower heat dissipation, its use is extremely secure.

4. Relocating and set up. As it is just like the common spectrum tube basically, it really is as risk-free and easy to carry as being the LED spectrum tube. It is equipped with a special greeting card slot. When setting up, you only have to nail the card port first, after which clip it on. Setting up ordinary wire connections is just as convenient and reliable.


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