This is an eighth consecutive period that

on 2022/09/24 04:21
This is an eighth consecutive period that wow tbc gold Blizzard has seen an increase in this segment that publishers have used to justify the unit sales. World of Warcraft has now attracted over 35 million users (which however, isn't the same as copies sold) as well as both that as well as World of Warcraft saw more MAUs than in the same time last year. The quarter's net revenue is $1.62 billion, which is a record for the publisher and an increase from $1.57 billion last year. Digital net revenue also set record-breaking of $1.35 billion. Activision is holding an investor conference call soon to discuss the results of the quarter and offer an update on the future. We'll let you know what relevant to the company to discuss.World of Warcraft 's Sixth Expansion Set to Be Announced Next Week The next expansion of the game that is defining the genre PC MMO World of Warcraft will be announced next week at Gamescom the developer Blizzard entertainment announced on Wednesday. The announcement will be made during Blizzard's briefing on the 6th of August at 9 am PDT / 12 noon EDT. It will also be buy TBC Classic Gold broadcast live and P2Pah will bring all the details to share as soon as the announcement is made.