The way to resolve shattered cell phone monitor

on 2022/07/20 07:10

The external display screen is merely responsible for touch, and also the inner screen is merely accountable for exhibit. If it can be exhibited and can not be handled, the feel is broken. When you just realize that there is absolutely no fracture on the exterior, oppo screenbut no impression is displayed, this means the inside display screen is cracked.

The best way to resolve shattered phone screen

Substance: cup stick, scraper, Ultra-violet light fixture

(1) Very first, make sure the mobile phone is switched off, and implement the cup stick about the shattered display (if you have a syringe, it could be employed much more evenly having a syringe).

(2) Use glass stick evenly on screen with a scraper, making a thin coating of cup glue.

(3) Irradiate the display screen with Ultraviolet light-weight for 10-quarter-hour to allow the fasten cure.


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