What are the network live transmission equipment

on 2022/06/22 08:36

Condenser microphone: Ordinary microphones are delayed in pickup and low pickup, and the sensitivity and sound quality cannot keep up, podcasting equipment ,so it is definitely not suitable for anchors who like to sing.

Microphone Stand: This can be a very useful resource. Its function is usually to retain the condenser microphone from the anchor's mouth area, so that the anchor can make some movements, expressions, etc. with the hands and wrists during the live broadcast.

Monitor earbuds: On the one hand, its life is usually to have the streamer monitor his own voice, see how high and low his voice goes, see if that looks great, and make changes ASAP!

External sound card: The onboard noise greeting card of the built-in computer is configured separately through the motherboard. Audio processing does not meet our needs and may experience difficulties such as delay, noise and distortion. So you usually need to buy an external sound card

Fill light: Once the variety show starts, the lighting in the room is also essential. If the lights are dimmed, the event results for the target audience will be greatly reduced!


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