Lost Ark Bans Over 1 Million AccountsSince

on 2022/05/31 01:15
"While we plan to make a massive impact with Lost Ark Gold this ban however, we are aware that there's more to be done and would like players to understand that this is only one part of what will be a continuous and ongoing process. In the coming months, we'll continue our efforts to detect and eliminating botting, cheating, and unsavory behavior from Lost Ark at scale, which will include improving our anti-cheat tools as well as improving bot identification methods as well as releasing additional ban waves as often as is needed." The Lost Ark team also acknowledged that "it is possible that a few players may be erroneously identified in the wrong way as bots." Anyone who believes that they were caught up in the wave of million-bots regardless of being a genuine player can appeal their ban with an Amazon Games support ticket. Lost Ark Bans Over 1 Million AccountsSince Lost Ark launched in North America last month and has proven to be immensely loved by players. However, its massive success and huge number of players has led to more than some cheaters and bots however the team behind the game has begun cleaning the mess.If you want to know more about product information can go to