We've revamped the blocking system in NBA 2K22

on 2022/05/28 02:02
The primary focus for shooters this year's success is Shot the IQ. Teams that strive for open and clear shots as well as take intelligent shots are likely to have greater success than teams that force up bad shots. We've extensively focused-group tested the new shooting technique with players of all skill levels . We're convinced that this is the most comfortable shooting you've experienced on the field in NBA 2K. We've revamped the blocking system in NBA 2K22 and we're providing rim protectors with more tools to create great stop at the edge. Additionally, on PS5 we've added timing meters for alley-oop and difficult skill dunks. If an alley oop is in the air, you'll need to press the Shot Button at precisely the right moment to complete the jump. When it comes to dunks Holding the Sprint and pulling straight down to the Pro Stick will trigger the more aggressive skill dunks. When we launched NBA 2K21, we debuted a brand-new player builder on PS5 that let you customize your attribute caps in any way you'd like. We've made some adjustments to the system this year, which includes an increase in badge points available as well as making it easier to find the badges that are available, the cost at every tier, as well as thresholds for attribute that you must meet to get to each tier. If you want to know more about NBA 2K22 ,you can visit