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on 2022/03/13 17:07 is a catchy name for an online writing company that has been around for eight years. We wanted to know if the catchy name was followed by high-quality products and services. Customers may also be curious. We decided to review this service using the same criteria we use for all our reviews of writing services. We looked at the company's website to find out what it offers. We also reviewed the Book Worm Lab testimonials that the company published. Finally, we searched the Internet for BookWormLab reviews and comments from customers. Finally, we ordered research papers to evaluate the service and quality. Our investigations led to this Review: Quality of Services BookwormLab is a website that focuses on academic writing products. These products and services are available to students in high school, as well as students in graduate programs who are working on theses or dissertations. We look at many things to determine the quality of the website. These include the writing quality, sample writing, testimonials from customers, comments and feedback from customers who have published their reviews elsewhere on the internet. The last factor is the quality and experience of the entire process. Here's a summary on quality: The products received by the customers are praised in positive testimonials. Student reviews and feedback from the Off-Site Book Worm Lab are mixed. Some customers feel that the writing quality was not up to their standards and that the resources are too basic. Others claimed that the grammar mistakes were so obvious that they had to fix them. We had mixed experiences. We discovered composition errors, and while we requested reputable journal articles for resources, one article was sent to us by The Inquirer. This is a low-level gossip magazine that would not be accepted by an American professor or instructor. Customer Support Agents and Writers We couldn't find any information regarding the qualifications and employment process of the writers. Site claims that the writers are highly qualified. To get a better idea of the composition and expertise of the writers, we decided to look at what the site calls "samples". The majority of the samples weren't samples but were more advertising for the company. One sample was a Wells Fargo case study, which we've seen on many other websites. It is just 5 paragraphs in length. Complex pieces of writing and research are called case studies. They can often be as long as 20 pages. The site has a blog, but it was last updated in the fall 2013. Chats and phone calls are always answered by customer support agents, particularly during order and payment processes. They are not able to answer specific questions regarding writers or writing. We were instructed to complete the order form and then discuss it with our writer. It is also important to mention that we were unable to find any BBB rating or membership. Pricing and Discounts The BookWormLab prices can be quite expensive. does not offer any discounts. However, when we filled out the order form for our research paper we noticed a field to enter a BookWormLab coupon. Customer support was contacted and we inquired about a discount for new customers. BookWormLab promo codes were available, if requested. One was provided to us, which reduced the cost of our 8-page essay and 7-day deadline from $241.60 down to $194.40. Nevertheless, this price is still high for the industry. PayPal is recommended for payments. Book Worm Lab has implemented appropriate security to ensure that we can declare it safe. Additional Benefits and Freebies We did not find any free pages or special benefits. However, we could have confidential service and unlimited revisions. This was disappointing given the price. Are We Recommending This Company? Customers will likely have to request revisions because of issues with the writing quality. The pricing is also quite high. Overall, we rate "Fair." Students will find better quality and lower prices elsewhere.