I have a question regarding combat training

on 2022/02/10 08:16
Hunter It was my experience that I found this was a great way to RS Gold earn money when I was a new member. Finding the treasures of these beasts is beneficial and I'd recommend seeing what you can do using this technique. For a while, that was my main source of money. I'm not sure if that's the same today but it's likely it's the case and at high levels , that's definitely the scenario (grenwalls as well). So I'm looking to upgrade my current set of armour, and I'm in need of assistance. Which is the better option according to your view? Overview: Has a good defensive and strength bonus, but has a few issues with slash due to the fact that there will not be a defender. Torags Legs must be replaced once in a time when it is degraded to 0and provides a good strength bonus. Overview: Has lower defensive stats as armour set 1 and is very expensive However, none of the items degrade. This set comes with a decent Strength and Prayer bonuses and the defender is able to increase offensive capabilites. Which one should I go with? Feel free to add any changes, but I don't want to use a DFS together with the Bandos setup or Amulets of Furies, or an Berserker Ring as they're 10m and 3m. A bit of a rip... Hello, I have a question regarding combat training. As efficiency has never really been my thing I was hoping someone else here could give me guidance. I'm planning on becoming members soon and want to be able to max out my combat (I've been a member for a while, and I am not sure why I've never done this). ...). Is it overall better to maximize combat in order to get 99 slayer? Or is it better to build up the skill at spiders or bandits? I've read that it's more profitable to Buy OSRS Accounts employ Slayer, but it does take much longer and could be utilized on other money-making methods. Also, if you wouldn't want to, what is the best setup (preferable under 20M) for the method you're suggesting. At the end of the day, is the instruction just up to preferences?