How to Quickly Pair Around-Ear Bluetooth Earphones

on 2022/01/13 08:01

1. Initial start up the ear canal-undefinedmounted bluetooth headset and view if the components of your wireless headset are comprehensive.Over Ear Wireless Headphones Then click the multi-undefinedfunction key to find out if you will find a answer, and appearance whether or not the Wireless headset is fully charged.

2. Following fully charged, press and hold the multi-undefinedfunctionality option for 4 secs right after turning on the headset. As soon as the light blue lighting from the wireless headset flashes, this means it is actually switched on. Repeat the functioning to turn off the wireless bluetooth. When the Wireless headset is turned off, push and contain the multi-undefinedoperate button until the red and azure lights flash alternately.

3. Turn on the bluetooth function around the mobile phone and search to the bluetooth product. Currently, the brand of your bluetooth system is automatically researched in the mobile phone until the mobile phone queries for your name in the head set system.

4. After in search of your product brand, create a integrating link. Right after integrating, the earphone will quickly vary from azure lighting to red-colored gentle blinking twice, along with a voice fast "undefinedBluetooth is connected" will probably be understood concurrently. Call and pay attention to music capabilities.


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