Commonly referred to as Zerker or simply a Zerk

on 2021/12/24 00:58
Similar to the above group, G Maulers design their stats to be only enough to be able to carry with a weapon of their choice. This weapon is known as a Granite Maul, which requires 50 Attack and 50 Strength to use. G Maulers generally have lower Combat Level in comparison to One Defence Pure, and sometimes they might be even much more deadly as Granite Maul special attack deals instantaneous damage. Anyone who uses this weapon will usually wait for their opponent's health falls to a level that allows them to finish them with one hit. It's a unique type of Pure that wasn't made by just advancing skills, but was the result of finishing Nature Spirit quest. For those who have 13 Defence, they generally aim to finish the Recipe for Disaster quest to get Adamant Gloves. They give players high Attack and Defense bonuses. Additionally 13 points in Defence do let them wear Black equipment and a Slayer Helmet, improving their defensive skills further. It allows them to have more danger in PvP but additionally to be more effective in PvE combat, which allows them to keep this account in place and develop non-combat-related skills. It's worth noting it is that thirteen Defence Pure is often willing to sacrifice a certain levels in Attack to attain the lowest Combat level. Rune Pures are accounts equipped with 40 Defence which is the minimum requirement to have items that are runite tier. They are also able to wear Dragonhide Body and Fight Torso to increase their defense capabilities. The 40 Defense is a condition required for Lunar Diplomacy quest, which provides players with access to Vengeance as one of the most valuable PvP-based spells available. The F2P community tends to favor this build since Rune Armor is the best option they have to choose from. Members, on the contrary of the other hand, are more likely to pick either Void or Berserker build. Commonly referred to as Zerker or simply a Zerk. It is a variation of Rune Pure which utilizes 45 Defense to grant players accessibility to Berserker Helm, or Fighter Hat. As they offer more bonuses over Rune Helm, the extra five levels of Defence is more beneficial. The majority of Zerkers will also complete the Recipe for Disaster for Barrows Gloves, which are the top slot gloves available in the game. Cheap OSRS Gold, RS 2007 Gold & RS3 Gold on