I'm an inactive participant. I played between 2007 and 2011

on 2021/10/19 02:44
I'm an inactive participant. I played between 2007 and 2011 and was just updating myself on the game when I saw the Evolution of Combat update. The update has totally eliminated the game and I'm unsure of whether I should go back to playing. I played for at least 4 hours each day during those 4 years. Friends, fun, and being able to not be bored were the best things that I have ever experienced in my life. I'm feeling more sad after this update than I've ever felt before and I feel awful for them to have done this. So should I play it over again, or simply try and forget the wonderful memories I've had? Should I go back to RS 07 or should I just forget all the good memories? The majority of it is subjective. Nobody who played Runescape at any stage in its history can recall the excitement and excitement of finding a brand new game or content. Every player has their favorite game or stage of development. If you decide to play 07scape over the current version then so be it. Alot of people thought that way, and while there are still players on the servers, that first feeling of "OMG I am so sad to see this" wore out quickly for alot, in some cases due to the engine might be an old one however the players' community and mindset of players has changed in a way that is irrevocably. While there are some things that they have lost or changed with RS2 & EOC irrevocably, there are some positive additions and improvements. I find 07 graphics to be depressing, but they were acceptable in the moment. Everyone has to decide whether we want to continue playing the games we love, or if we prefer to see the game develop. Cheap OSRS Gold, RS 2007 Gold & RS3 Gold on