That's been consistent about wow

on 2020/10/20 05:22
Companies come and go for classic wow gold all sorts of factors. Blizzard will sort itself out or fade off.Idk Ive played because vanilla and people bitched about blizzard and wow sucking then to, I recall people HATED wotlk.If there is something that's been consistent about wow forms from 2004 to now is non-stop complaining and raging.The two things I hated about WOTLK was the return of Naxx and the Argent tourney. Paying for rehashed content felt pretty fucking bad. Especially since it was the first raid after dropping cash for the Xpac. And also the argent tourney had the strangest dailies ever and a"raid" which you sat in 1 shitty appearing dirt floored space for 90% of it.I think having Naxx was fine. But it being the first thing you encounter was just rather meh timing. Ulduar was the ideal raid Blizzard ever produced and it had been quickly made irrelevant from the worst raid Blizzard ever made. It's mind boggling.It felt bizarre to cancel my sub shortly after having the most enjoyable from the game I have ever needed. Blizzard said they left the Argent tourney raid because Ulduar took too many man hours and dollars (it was epic, so lots of managers, so many chambers, virtually every fight designed well)... enjoy, a raid worthy of a multi billion dollar business.The fact that this gigantic company turned about and said, hey, that was too expensive of a raid to us to create, here's something we created from begin to finish in two weeks, which was really disrespectful to the participant base and it isn't any wonder sub amounts went downhill shortly after. buy gold classic wow